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The University of Dubrovnik is a public institution of higher education, established in 2003, with its foundations resting on a very long tradition dating back to the 17th century, as well as on several decades of modern higher education. At the University of Dubrovnik, students can study maritime studies, economics, electrical engineering and computing, aquaculture, environmental protection, communication studies, arts and restauration, history, and nursing.

The University of Dubrovnik is among the frontrunners of internalization in Croatia. Almost ten per cent of all foreign students in Croatia choose the University of Dubrovnik as their place of study. Also, the University of Dubrovnik is the only institution of higher education in Croatia offering graduate double degree study programmes. The researchers and scientists from the University of Dubrovnik publish in world’s leading scientific journals. According to citation data, scientific productiveness and project activity, they are among the top experts in Croatia in the fields of industrial economics, innovation, autonomous intelligent systems research and marine ecosystems research. This confirms the orientation of the University, which would like to be active beyond the local borders and become internationally recognized in the areas important for sustainable development and for the skills of the future.

More than 30 projects are currently ongoing at the University, being financed from the programmes Horizon 2020, Eramsus, Interreg, from the Croatian Science Foundation and the European Structural and Investment (ESI) Funds and other funds.

The vision and mission of the University of Dubrovnik is to continue developing international cooperation through joint studies and research projects with international partners and to foster research and scientific excellence by designing educational programmes, which prepare students for the skills of the future.

The University of Dubrovnik is project coordinator for the project “Development of system for control and protection of ports from introduction of alien species – ProtectAS“, in which it coordinates the implementation of all project activities. Besides project management and reporting, the scientists from the Department of Applied Ecology participate in field research in the port of Ploče. This includes determining abiotic parameters of the sea water as well quantitative and qualitative analysis of plankton communities, harmful organisms and pathogens. The samples are processed in cooperation with other project partners. The Maritime Studies Department of the University of Dubrovnik participates in the monitoring of ship routes and ballast water discharge in the port of Ploče. All of these data, as well as the data about the currents in the port, will be used to make a plan of measures aimed at preventing and decreasing the negative consequences of the introduction of alien and other harmful species through ship ballast waters.

Project participants:

  • izv. prof. dr. sc. Marijana Pećarević
  • izv. prof. dr. sc. Ana Bratoš Cetinić
  • izv. prof. dr. sc. Josip Mikuš
  • doc. dr. sc. Marina Brailo Šćepanovć
  • dr. sc. Nermin Hasanspahić
  • Sanja Grđan mag. ing. maricult.
  • Maja Brnas M.A.